Monday, August 06, 2007

Kaka Judas - Tools

Just a general preview of our Juda's tools... Do Not Attempt This Type of Judas If Your Are Not KakaJudas! (ha..! ha..! ha..!)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kaka Judas - The History

"WE ARE KaKas... !!! "and people keep asking us " kaka tu apa? .. apa maksud kaka? ... not to mention there's also some of them said " jangan kawan dengan geng-geng kaka tu ... diorang bukan ada kawan pun ... geng diorang je..." and our reply would be " Hahaha "...

So, what's the meaning of Kaka Judas (Kaka)?

Kaka is derived from the word "Kaki" or leg (direct translation) in English but it actually referred to as a close friend or gang (not triad) or whoever person that join our daily activities which is gambling!

The word Judas is an altered version of the word "Judi" which means gamble. At the first instance we used the word as Juda but we keep on saying the "s" and then it became Judas.

Who invented the name?

There are more than one Kakas claimed that he is the first person to use the word kaka or juda. Therefore we cannot give the real fact of who invented this name until further research being done.

What type of gambling?

We started gambling as Kaka Judas when we played "twenty-one" or "blackjack" at 'Rumah Ampang, Ipoh'. Later we moved on to Ipoh Snooker (Kedai Ah Kit) and played snooker. The rule is the one who loose the game will pay for the table's charge.
Then, we learn how to play lucky ball and till today lucky ball or "LLuucKk!" has become our primary gambling activities.
Somehow, we also gamble by playing Winning Eleven since PS1 till today (Winning Eleven 11 PS2) for side income and enjoyment. ( hahaha..)

to be continued...